Gopher and Gemini both interest me, but they also both lack a few things I really enjoy about the Web: hypertext (I love contextual linking), some measure of structured document formatting (I enjoy well-typeset books) and inline images (I like diagrams and photography).

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@amdt Wouldn't it only take a client supporting advanced formatting to bring those to Gopher and Gemini? Other clients wouldn't be able to make use of the more advanced features, though.

@tk That might be all that’s required; the early Web developed in a similar way.

@amdt Really if you take JS out of the equation, it's not too bad.

@normandy Yeah, I have comparatively few complaints about HTML or CSS.

@amdt I'm implementing a (rough) web subset!

You might want to follow my "Rhapsode" & "Haphaestus" efforts?

@amdt Oh, you mean all the things about html that caused it to destroy gopher almost instantly? Yeah, I like those things too 😸

@amdt You can serve HTML over Gemini, no problem

@amdt The thing you can't do is automatically load resources, because that's a bad thing to do. Every request should require user interaction

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