Just a quick announcement that my fonts Ductus are now available on Bye Bye Binary's typothèque → typotheque.genderfluid.space/

Regular and Monospace versions are released with 3 weights for each.

It's under free license so feel free to use or modify it

Finally showing something I've been working on for a moment : I added inclusive glyphs to a font family that I designed a few years ago. These glyphs depend on an Opentype feature that activate it when you use the period centered glyph to be gender inclusive.

This font family was designed with Metapost and is totally free of use : gitlab.com/ameliedumont/fonts/

Another little generator project. This is a tool made for the art event Lesbiennale (lesbiennale.art), aimed at the organisation team so that they can create pictures for their social network accounts by playing with the automated layout of the tool. Then PNG files are generated and can be downloaded.

@raphaelbastide nope some css properties I use don't work on Firefox, I have to improve the tool for the next version

I made something I wanted to try for a long time for the Feminist Hack Meetings in Rotterdam: an HTML poster generator. The organizers have the basic pattern of the poster on a webpage and they can modify and generate themselves the posters for the other events

@frankiezafe est-ce que tu as un bon traducteur NL en ligne ? C'est pour traduire les descriptions de mes projets

@frankiezafe est-ce que le Godot Club de demain est maintenu au vu des circonstances ?

We are launching a monthly meeting focused on #godot in #brussels. First session on the 17th October, free and open to all!
Register here: polymorph.cool/godot-club/
#gamedev #meeting #libre #gaming #sharing

These days I make Twitter bots projects. Here is a Flask app that displays a live stream, and when we pass /print in the url a publication is laidout in the browser and an index automatically generated

En ce moment je m'essaie aux bots Twitter. Ici un petit projet : une app Flask qui affiche des tweets enregistrés en JSON et les met en page directement dans le navigateur avec le module Python

@frankiezafe Pour le moment j'ai essayé de l'utiliser sur une page web et je peux bien définir la valeur des axes en CSS

I found a way to make variable fonts with free softwares only. It requires Fontforge and two Python modules (AFDKO and fontmake). My code here: gitlab.com/ameliedumont/fonts/

Next /ETC starts in two weeks in Athens!
The Eclectic Tech Carnival is a gathering of feminists who critically explore and develop everyday skills and information technologies in the context of free speech, free software and open hardware.
I designed the poster and flyers in Python using Flat (xxyxyz.org/flat)

@Ludi Salut Ludi, j'ai envoyé un mail le 12 juin pour m'inscrire mais je n'ai eu aucune réponse depuis, est-ce qu'il n'y a plus de place ?


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