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Ainsley S

This is apparently the permanent face of our public outreach campaign. I hate it so much. :C

okay okay, I have to yell about this somewhere: A couple years ago I was asked to do some insect illustrations for our department's outrech booth at fairs, livestock shows, etc. I drew some bugs. Great. However, they got someone ELSE in the dept to design the mascot...

Maybe this is a first-wave feminism problem endemic to older indie cartoonists (NINA PALEY, I'M LOOKING SPECIFICALLY AT YOU), but I'm kinda bummed about it! Has anyone checked on Shary Flenniken lately?

ANYHOW, I just wanted to vent about this. Buy the book if you want, but just know that it's hella old-fashioned and tragically low on introspection. :/

The whole thing reads a lot like it was written by my mom, another very smart, well-meaning ~60yo woman who takes a lot of pseudoscience at face value and is totally unfamiliar with the idea of body positivity, FA, etc.

OH and some BS evolutionary psychology thrown in for good measure, claiming that modern (American) humans are "trained" to overeat by being bottle-fed (liberally) rather than breast-fed (restrictively??). This is insane from both scientific and maternal perspectives (again, both are outside of Lay's experience)

Literally no reflection on eating disorders as an actual phenomenon or a dangerous pathology. An emphasis on daily weigh-ins, even though for a pre-menopausal woman (which Lay... ain't), weight will undergo huge monthly fluctuations.

Anyhow, the memoir parts are great, but this book is painfully old-fashioned and totally lacking in self-awareness. There's *zero* reflection on WHY being "fat" or "skinny" are considered bad and good respectively. Why she picked a goal weight that's "skinny," not just , you know, "normal."

HEY COMICS NERDS I want to yell about a comic, but not on twitter, so: I bought Carol Lay's new book, (as a teen, I loved her comics in the Stranger in, like, 1996).
It's about her relationship with weight and dieting, but is also sort of a self-help diet guide?

help me, I'm trapped in an IRL Woke Son meme D:

Our lovely neighbor mom just texted to say my kid is over there playing with her kids, and they're all sitting around the play-doh table discussing "how silly Trump is"

Workin' on another spread for this beetle book (it's an answer to this creationist garbage: Featuring That One Field Vest that every entomologist is contractually required to own.

Oh uh hi, let's say this is for assorted meeting doodles and unprofessional artwork, okay?