when you write undertale fanfiction but are also a fan of panic! at the disco Show more

Morning gratitude to the queers who came and fought before me

:33 < cats are awake post cat facts!!
did you know that most cats only meow with people around them? they hear us talking and they want to be included too!

:33 < a reminder from your local cat, pleas pet cat

Attention epic Minecraft gamers - Vriska is headed into the nether to raid forts and kill withers, 8ut she needs YOUR help. All you have to do is post the X, Y, and Z coordinate of the chest you keep your diamonds in

mastodon but instead of it being a website, its just all of us screaming our toots in an empty stadium together

if these are keysmash bots clearly they’re just pushing the gay agenda and to that I say thank you

new typing quirk: whatever tf the bots are doing rn

if u arent drinking respect trans ppl juice what are u even doing

Stan Undertale, the guy who created undertale, LLC

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