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:33 < what time is it? cat fact time!
did you know that cats are not creatures of either earth or alternia? They are an all powerful race from a dimension entirely unknown to mortals

*bends over seductively and picks something up* whoops! I dropped my magnum condom for my mastodong!

Mastodon instance for Waluigi stans called Waastodon

you ever just fuck mid air in the middle of the god damn living room

if im elected president we will be replacing the gender marker on your drivers license with a zodiac or kid symbol to identify your main homestuck ID

baby: d....d.......
dad: omg his first words!!!!
baby: d......d..........d....
dad: dad? daddy? d-

dont forget to take ur meds you funky little...friends

Not pleased by this "Fursona Friday"... Going to replace it with "Fallout 76 Friday" immediately.

we're all rabid animals trying to fight for dominance in the form of clout

hey, come here, i have something for you 

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