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:cat: @ametlles

Other users used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when Mastodon kept balance between the furries, the commies, the techies, and all the queer people.

But that all changed when the birdsite attacked.

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@ametlles so, wait, does that mean I am too late and the glory days are over already? Damn, that just makes me sad

@Wxnzxn In some sense... yes.

You can read this if you're interested in some Mastodon history: medium.com/@alliethehart/gamei

@ametlles That was very interesting to read, and sad to realise.

Basically I am one of the many that swept over here, ignorant of the way this community has developed. Now, I immediately felt somewhat at home, but I did not for example realize how politics are supposed to be handled, how much attention should be paid to content warnings on here, etc.

I can see how frustrating this must be to some of those that put so much work and emotional commitment onto this project...

@ametlles Personaly, I'm more of a minion of the Tome of Many Faces. Beware! If we add your face to the tome we also take your soul!

@ametlles that was like two days total

@wolf Hahaha, well I remember it wasn't that bad like... a month ago?

@ametlles it wasn't, but the honeymoon was seriously only a few days. then everyone started scrapping w each other like normal