[TV announcer voice]

"In the late 1600s, only one composer and his artillery can right the world's wrongs.

This Fall: Pachelbel's Cannon"

They're Bajorans not Brajorans RT @socketwench: Can we all appreciate for a moment how, apparently, Bajorans have no bras? Like, "When your fighting fascist, resource extracting colonizers, you ain't got time for that shit"? Just, "gimme an undershirt and I'm good". Goals, really.

White Nationalism, Canada 

If I miss Follow Friday, can I still get in on Stalking Saturday?

mad that american politics suck so bad when they’re literally the only avenue for saving the climate

i know yall hate voting on here but if you don’t vote for bernie sanders’s climate plan just this once then idk if you get to say you care about the environment. as US citizens you are sadly responsible for the whole world, not just your own country

Unroguelike: Traps heal you and are safe.

Monsters revive you.

Walls and floor give you damage.

To advance you must not strike yourself with your own weapon...

...for which you must hold down a key constantly.

The electoral college map if every spider voted Republican RT @The_T: My friend is researching spiders to figure out what kind are on his home, and.... this image is amazingly useless

Me: extreme anxiety because gf is coming home from summer break on Friday, still haven't fully cleaned up apartment (long story)

gf: actually it's next Saturday, not this Friday

me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Let me add my favorite bad thing about Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 on SNES. It played out part of the story of LotR where you recruit the characters, and they are in your party and they will go off and attack on their own but if they die they're dead forever. That's it. No 2nd chance. And they run off to danger and die CONSTANTLY.

Hey Fediverse!

What's the weirdest video game you own?

For me, it's Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 on SNES. I still own the cartridge.

They never made a Vol. 2.

sex-negative word used in an irrelevant way 

Tired: rewording a tweet on Twitter to make it fit under the character count.

Wired: rewording a toot on Mastodon to make it fit under the character count.

indeed there is no ethical consumption, but then there’s places like DoorDash who are forging new, distinctly unethical, ground!

Gab clarification 

Like I can see wanting to take a beloved musical and take the look everyone liked to a bigger, wider world free of the limitations of the stage. But I think those limitations are *why* the look worked. Here, it's just kinda gimmicky looking to me.

Big name actors does not necessarily equal better performances.

It merely means better ticket sales.

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