It's not funny to threaten your children's partners/dates with violence even if it's in jest and I hate how normalized that is in our society

Toronto now has a championship in every major North American league it has a team in

[Read in a Cosmos-esque, Sagan voice]

Cats...have always been with us.

Small...and furry....and full of hate.

They've always been there; waiting.

Perhaps, someday, they will all rise up...

...and form their cat army; depose us all.


No. I have an itch, I need to wash.


No. I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap.

But someday, yes, it will be the time.

And cats....will put an the age of man.

Hanging around, hanging around, the kids got Raptor blood, can't get rid of him

Musketeers, blind mice, DC Trinity RT @MorningSong: @ami_angelwings I'm going to steal your own weapon:

Top three threes!

"A Google employee spoke with the Bay Area Reporter on the condition of anonymity about the current mood among LGBTQ Googlers, saying by phone that, "I'm really worried that they [company leadership] don't know how unsustainable this is. They want to have it both ways: to monetize the engagement that comes from really odious content, but to bear no responsibility for it. And all of us queers who work here see how they're getting away with making money off people who hate us while doing nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, most queer creators' channels are demonetized or marked 'adult' because they use words like 'trans.' Google has no right to be at Pride. They're just capitalists. They don't care."

New Escher Girls site preview going live in a few minutes for all Patreon subscribers!!!

Tired: Dynamax Wailord crushing the stadium.
Wired: Dynamax Wailord growing like an inch bigger.

Hey, any nerd friends who make web pages, quick question:

I know it's "bad practice" or whatever to use the old <i> tags instead of putting it into a style thing, but, am I going to get in trouble for doing it the old fashioned way? Is anything really likely to break?

Today, I discovered that Club Drive on the Atari Jaguar has the single greatest video game cat:

Witchcraft is the process by which you make witches

Spice is the variety of life.

-- Old Arrakis saying

just tried to use the snapchat gender filter on movie Sonic and it wouldn't recognize movie Sonic as a face and I"ve never been more disappointed in my life

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