Someone used the phrase "emotional support Canadian" the other day and I have been thinking about it nonstop since.

Not buying a video game does not hurt the workers who made that video game; they were already exploited to produce the video game.

ALIENS: Working Stiffs (Fan Comic, Blood, Violence) 

For the early evening crowd: my friend and I (who create @brandecho together) have created an ALIENS fan comic.

Pages 1-4:

In order to create parity with phablets, late 90s to Early 2000s palmtop PCs and PDAs shall now be known as "Chonklets".

"I sorry, boss, but I can't come in today. My new boss, Isabelle, has a hot project about a town theme that needs to get done asap. Whatdayah mean, 'Is there a JIRA ticket?' Of *course* there is. Who do you think she is, Timmy and Tommy?"

i always thought podcast meant like, "an encapsulated broadcast where you can have multiple of them on your device", like peas in a pod. i always thought thats what it meant. when i found out that it was to do with the iPod??
i felt really disappointed. angry. hateful. i wanted to drive up to 1 infinite loop and give their shiny fucking building a good kicking. kick those fucking drainpipes. find an AC unit or an electrical distribution box and start kicking it. just start kicking shit. y'know??

Lockdown, Ontario 


We were booked to bottle wine tomorrow night, which fortunately is a pretty socially distant activity since there's like one person watching the counter and they don't get very close to the customers. It seemed likely they'd be forced to close, but nope. At least not according to the lax guidelines the province put out.

I mean seriously. Dry cleaners are essential?

Lockdown, Ontario 

Great. Doug Ford finally got around to requiring businesses to close, but the list of exceptions is so big and so vague that I think the only thing actually closing is Value Village.

#ONpoli #coronavirus #lockdown

You know how working remotely is a skill? So is teaching remotely.

I keep forgetting that was basically my job for 5 years starting in *2009*.

The Marvel Universe works on a sliding timeline, so most major events like Tony Stark becoming Iron Man happened "10 years ago" in perpetuity.

The real world works on a sliding timeline too, as we're always a few months away from the premier of New Mutants.

You know what I love? Fictional universes where there are just chunks of land floating around. Islands in the sky? Waterfalls flowing from impossible springs? uhhh yeah, gimme that good shit

Is Jason Todd the Most Modern DC Thing? (comics bullshit, normal people stay out) 


▶️ Killed off in tasteless poll
▶️ Brought back except not really
▶️ Except he really is brought back
▶️ Brought back not via obvious solution of Lazarus Pit, but by weird cosmic retcon stuff
▶️ He's like Batman!
▶️ But he KILLS~
▶️ Is popular to the point that Batman's One Rule has an asterisk in the shape of a red hood now

Also, it turns out you can sing One Winged Angel to the lyrics of "Chicken Orb".

The same could be implied about how many games there are now where you aren't a hero, but just someone with a meaningful job and life that isn't divvied up and served as the main course of someone else's table, leaving you with meaningless scraps.

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