, >>>>>>> Vscode, Jetbrains, ....
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ولی انصافا VSCode >>>>>>>>>>>>> محصولات جت‌برینز

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زمان دور همی ایمکس قطعی شد. قرار هست دوشنبه ساعت ۹ شب به وقت تهران دور هم جمع شیم. لینک جلسه رو توی این پست قبل از شروع قرار خواهیم داد. خوشحال می شیم ببینیمتون.


واقعا @lxsameer راست میگه که میگه خدای ادیتور هاست
این دو سه روز با که ادیتور پروژه بود کار کردم و خب یه سری از فیچر هاش برام جالب بود اکثر اون فیچر ها رو که دوست داشتم رو اوردم و توی ایمکس پیاده کردم و کلا کمتر از دو ساعت طول کشید

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» is a hacker’s dream because it is one giant, mutable state. Its simplicity is both a blessing and a curse. [...] Emacs is self-documenting because it is the document. There are no other editors that can do that. No editor comes close.« masteringemacs.org by @mickeynp

Back of after a some time
Shoutout and to @lxsameer for his great architecture

is the latest editor you will ever use

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native compiler Update 9.

Drastic compile-time reduction, more lambda performance and Windows support 😎


is just so cool
It's how shells should be in 2020
Even full featured shells like fish seems outdated to me, ability to use emacs completion mechanisms and whole lisp interpreting is just phenomenal

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I'm super happy with our progress on the v3 of . Things are moving in a good direction and pretty soon we might be able to release an alpha version.
Shout out to @amirrezaask@twitter.com for his positive energy and good work.

امروز دیگه نیت کردم
به یاری خدا مشکل و رو حل کنم

ویدیوی پنجم از سری Emacs From Scratch
Multiple Cursors, IBuffer, Ace Window, expand region

یه سری ویدیو دارم ضبط می کنم به اسم
Emacs From Scratch
که توشون ایمکس رو برای دولوپ کردن Go,Python و همینطور کارای Devops (K8s, Docker)
کانفیگ میکنم

I really think should become the de facto standard package manager.

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Why I continue to use an editor () that is almost as old as I am. eamonnsullivan.co.uk/posts-out

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users trying to exit be like:

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I fell in love with , Now I'm using and as my window manager and maaaan it's awesome. I can program my entire working environment with just a single programming language in one place and better than that with a . Just amazing

My setup:
Linux kernel
Emacs is my editor, terminal, X window manager.

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