Welp, it's started. I have created the 2018 Christmas gift spreadsheet. I actually started buying some things 3-4 months ago, so it has already been populated a bit.

And all of the fields are non-optional, meaning in at least one case I either have to lie and say there’s nothing at all else wrong with the project, or mention one of a handful of issues that did bother me a bit but is honestly nitpicking and really nobody should be worrying about.

This post mortem survey I’m filling out for work has two questions about positive aspects of the project, and four about negative aspects. I guess I get why, but it feels like the focus is misplaced. “Do more of the good stuff” seems like a better policy then “do less of the bad stuff”, I think.

Aah, fall is finally here. I can tell because I got up and BAM BAM BAM... the heat is on!

As I enter hour three of this download, I am beginning to wonder if I really need archive.org's entire MAME 2010 romset.

Windows Update just decided to reboot to install an update while I was actively using my PC, didn’t even give me the usual option to defer it. Cool. Cool.

How is it that I am deleting gigs and gigs of stuff, but DaisyDisk is reporting the disk usage has gone up?

I’m reasonably convinced that folks who still insist on using xibs wired together with code have not yet encountered storyboard references.

Gonna try and see if I can get app review to approve Entangler without having to record a video for them again. Wouldn’t be the first time, but so far they’ve requested a video more often than not.

The “instance method ... nearly matches optional requirement ... of protocol ...” warning makes sense, but having a fixit to make that method private and *not* a fixit to make it match the protocol’s requirement does not.

Of all the various financial institutions I do business with, exactly one bothers to give statement PDFs meaningful filenames including the statement date. With most of them the filename is just the name of the web app that produces the PDF. One uses UUIDs, which isn’t really much better.

Anyways, I was looking to see if there was a Crazy Taxi playlist on Spotify when I got a call from the auto shop that my car was ready to be picked up. So, I headed over, and as I was walking up to the shop’s entrance I heard “All I waaaaant all I waaaa-aaant” blasting out of the garage. So, yeah, funny old world I guess.

I’ve long held that the only appropriate time to listen to The Offspring is while playing Crazy Taxi or, at a stretch, while feeling nostalgic about Crazy Taxi.

Why does Spotlight (on the Mac) seem to give worse results after three characters? For example, I type “str” and Spotlight correctly gives Stride as its top result, but I add an “i” (so “stri”) and suddenly the top result is Siri, and Stride doesn’t even appear. And that is only one example. “app” shows App Store, while “app s” does not. And so on.

Why are ISPs so dishonest about service outages? My electric company has an outage map, and every time my power has ever gone out the outage has been on that map by the time I load it up on my phone, along with an estimate for when it’ll be fixed. My internet goes out and they’re all “Outage, what outage? Everything’s fine, must just be you. Here’s an appointment for someone to come check it out. Next week.” Then the service starts back up a few hours later.

I guess being just about the only repair shop in the area open on Labor Day is a winning strategy for the place I tried to get my flat fixed. I knew I was in trouble when there was only one open spot in their parking lot.

The Mac Photos app taking you to the Imports album, but not actually adding the newly imported photos to the Imports album, is a behavior that has long both annoyed and amused me.

On PC, I’ve switched entirely to VS Code. I tried on Mac, too, but it just doesn’t feel quite right there, so (for now anyways) BBEdit is still my choice.

Uninstalled Notepad++ from my PC. End of an era (for me).

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