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I’ve not been hating Swift so much lately, but then this morning I had to do some simple string manipulation and now I’m ready to throw the whole thing out again.

personal medical junk 

I’m not supposed to eat anything for the next several hours, so of course despite having eaten a normal breakfast at a normal time I feel like I’m half starved.

personal medical junk 

Checked in some code as my last act of the work day on a Friday.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been saved by thoroughly reviewing my changes before checking in.

I also don’t know how many times I’ve been bitten because I did not thoroughly review my changes before checking in.

iOS wireless debugging would be far more useful if I didn’t have to plug the device in anyways every five minutes because Xcode forgets about it.

Well after appearing to “install” for several minutes, it rebooted and says the update is still available. Going to clear some space and install it again and hope it didn’t get things into some weird incorrect state, or if it did rerunning the installer will fix it.

macOS beta update installer complained I don’t have enough free space. Then, after I clicked cancel, proceeded to install anyways. I guess we’ll see how this goes...?

I would really love to test it out with the Shortcuts app, but alas Apple has not given me access to the beta. *sad trumpet*

Welp, Entangler is now Ready for the Future! Dark mode support for the macOS half, and Siri integration for the iOS half.

My kids are intensely interested in this new “Toot!” app that has shown up on my phone. They insist that it sounds relevant to their interests.

Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

Good morning, App Installation Failed dialog box, so nice to see you!

Been at least a couple of years since I brewed last, so going to ease back into it with an extract kit. I haven’t used dry malt extract before, so we’ll see how it goes!

My kingdom for a Mastodon client that keeps track of my place in my timeline!


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