We do not exist, no
We do not exist and yet we're real
I try to reminisce so
I try to reminisce so I can feel
So I can sail
Through parallels
So I can leave and then resurface
On a dot that's blue and pale
If we can let this thing flow
Take care of our needs so
We can let our leaves grow
Feed it to the people
Then we as a people
Say goodbye to ego
That's where love evolves into unknowns
And infinites we never thought it'd go

Mama Saturn Lyric Video 1.0
🔗 youtu.be/q0tPFW88Yso

Βγήκε το μικρού μήκους animation «Απο το μπαλκόνι» για ελεύθερη online προβολή, και είναι υπέροχο...

Lina, a middle-aged lady who never leaves the balcony of her house, intervenes in everything that happens within her visual field.

From the Balcony
🔗 onassis.org/video/from-the-bal

Όταν πέσω απλά θα ξανά σηκωθώ,
να συνεχίσω αυτό το βράχο να ανεβαζω.

DLY - Marlboro
🔗 youtu.be/i0xVWBzS4pY


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