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▪ amparo is my name
▪ im 18 years old
▪ i live in switzerland
▪ argentinian immigrant
▪ i speak fr/es/en
▪ i go by any pronouns
▪ im a cis girl until further notice
▪ bi as fuck
▪ i got depression and anxiety. the 2-in-1 package baby
▪ im a graphic designer student. i have a strong love/hate relationship with my future profession. talk to me in helvetica
▪ i have a superb little lesbian as gf (@/cheezyeen)

my profil pic makes me feel bad bc im an egg now and i miss my hair

i think a wlw discord dont wanna let me enter cause they think im a guy help

sometimes i think people like me and @ me on things but then its a @everyone dm :(

i saw like 3 posts talking abt someone calling themselves bisexual lesbian so whats the tea today gays

people not boosting my toots is censorship, like in the novel 1984

A friend made me on sims and she gave me the personnality traits "sad"and "perfectionnist" and my dream is to become a painter

i may be stupid but at least i didn't buy airpods

yall are gremlins

and that is so incredibly delightful, thank u guys

popular opinion: toby fox make good music.


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