Please sign my petition to make life like Stardew Valley and make it so we can all live in inexplicably economically-viable towns of like 20 people who are all down to help with each others' bullshit.

I'll soon be retiring from my career in luxury hotel architecture Show more

Corey: this hurricane is moving a lot faster than the last one.
Me: would you say it's a… hurrycane? 😎

I had a dream I lost my bike in a hole and couldn't get it out. I was so mad/sad. I also went down a water slide with my work computer and ruined it. I tried to reload from my last save point, but that didn't work.

Dreams are dumb.


Let me present to you, the new documentation website:

I ported the API docs over (and improved them), the administration section is more cohesive, the design is responsive now

I would also like to start a political movement on behalf of all cold-sensitive frileux ("frillos"?) to ban the over-use of air conditioning in office buildings. Especially in the winter.

Tip for excellent sleep: lift heavy things. Seriously this program is killing me in a good way. πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜΄

Does anybody know a non-Facebook option for private events? I'd like to just send a URL to people via text/email/note/carrier pigeon. Preferably with a passcode so it's not visible to the public.

Kim Wexler is one of my favorite characters on television. She's such a badass and ugh.

Nothing more awkward than your peripheral friend bringing a first date to an event and watching them make out in broad daylight. 😬

I was gonna make a dumb joke about seeing Grizzly Bear two weeks ago, but I couldn't think of one, so here's one of their songs.

every key on my laptop has a fingerprint scanner. the key only works if it is my finger. i have to press the key for about half a second but it's worth it for security

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