@amwelles Three days later you consider putting the shirt in the laundry. Just one more job...

Perks of working from home: when you spill coffee down your shirt, nobody ever sees it (unless you tell the whole wide internet voluntarily).

Shout-out to the insurance customer service person who rushed my coverage through. I love me some good customer service.

Cleaning up the guest room.

Corey: It wouldn't be a room of our house if it didn't have a random piece of Autumn's clothing in it.

Me: πŸ˜‡

RIP Franny. Eight years is a lot of years for a guinea pig.

BIKELASH 2019: What's the most ridiculous comment you've heard in opposition to a bike lane?


Just discovered and I’m in love with the graphics and sounds. πŸš€

Accidentally sent my EarPods through the wash and dryer. I don't think they've ever been cleaner, and thankfully they work fine!

I've realized I'm impatient with people who are impatient.

I hope whoever is at the bike shop today is ready for a thousand questions while I stumble through my new bike project. πŸ™ƒ

Started watching All-Stars last night and wow. What a game. No spoilers please. I love watching a show so many years after it's aired and having no idea what's going to happen.

very mild survivor s6 spoiler 

Quick question: why is Survivor so entertaining? Loving the twist in season 5. plz no spoilers.

Maybe Mastodon will become my public dream journal.

Last night's dream involved a larger than life attack giraffe. πŸ¦’

Last night's dream: went to a party at Matthew McConaughey's place. Asked him if acting was all he did for a living (answer: yes). He owned both an alligator and a shark, which jumped out of his pond and looked like they were trying to attack people. He insisted they were gentle giants. He seemed pretty sad. My life partner was also there, and he ended up going off with Matt (we were on those first name terms) and eating at Waffle House without me.

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