Hmmm. What does it say about me if none of my friends are parents (sans coworkers)?

2 days later: I bought my dream bicycle. It's a 90s Ritchey in great condition! Looking forward to trying it out when the weather is a little bit nicer.

20 minutes later: I'm meeting somebody to buy a tandem this weekend.

Maybe I should switch out the handlebars on my bicycle.

10 minutes later: Maybe I should get a second bicycle.

Google's "plus codes" look like proprietary GPS coordinates.

There used to be an app (email based, IIRC) that you could record what you got done that day. Sort of a "to done" list. I can't for the life of me find it anywhere anymore. 😞

We always open one gift early. I got Corey Munchkins (the game), and he got me fox pajamas.

Fun fact: most of the bugs I run into can be solved by adding the width and height attributes.

#CSS Tip:

If you're searching for info about CSS, add "mdn" to your search (works for duckduck go, google, maybe other stuff?) to get the Mozilla Developer Network which is really really good documentation compared to some stuff out there.

My personal hell is trying to find workarounds for really stupid IE bugs.

For some reason I'm just now getting a bunch of notifications from 10+ hours ago, but maybe I just haven't checked in that long. πŸ€”

I think the barista forgot to make my drink decaf. It's very tasty, though!

TFW I actually finish a project when I thought I would. ☺️

Love seeing all these Tumblr artists moving over. So much art in the timeline!

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