RIP Franny. Eight years is a lot of years for a guinea pig.

Last night's dream: went to a party at Matthew McConaughey's place. Asked him if acting was all he did for a living (answer: yes). He owned both an alligator and a shark, which jumped out of his pond and looked like they were trying to attack people. He insisted they were gentle giants. He seemed pretty sad. My life partner was also there, and he ended up going off with Matt (we were on those first name terms) and eating at Waffle House without me.

Waiting for somebody to point out this clearly incorrect fact somebody posted in Slack. 🤦‍♀️

Me: What's going on over here?
Corey: There's a bunch of trash on the floor.

Happy Labor Day! I was planning on riding bikes with my friend, but I woke up sick, so here's a picture of Loki.

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