@amwelles Three days later you consider putting the shirt in the laundry. Just one more job...

Perks of working from home: when you spill coffee down your shirt, nobody ever sees it (unless you tell the whole wide internet voluntarily).

Shout-out to the insurance customer service person who rushed my coverage through. I love me some good customer service.

Cleaning up the guest room.

Corey: It wouldn't be a room of our house if it didn't have a random piece of Autumn's clothing in it.

Me: πŸ˜‡

RIP Franny. Eight years is a lot of years for a guinea pig.

BIKELASH 2019: What's the most ridiculous comment you've heard in opposition to a bike lane?


Just discovered and I’m in love with the graphics and sounds. πŸš€

@edebill have your spouse make the list in Instacart and send you instead. 😜

@evn how are you liking the camper van? I booked one to drive around Colorado this summer and I'm stoked about it!

Accidentally sent my EarPods through the wash and dryer. I don't think they've ever been cleaner, and thankfully they work fine!

I've realized I'm impatient with people who are impatient.

I hope whoever is at the bike shop today is ready for a thousand questions while I stumble through my new bike project. πŸ™ƒ

Started watching All-Stars last night and wow. What a game. No spoilers please. I love watching a show so many years after it's aired and having no idea what's going to happen.

very mild survivor s6 spoiler 

Quick question: why is Survivor so entertaining? Loving the twist in season 5. plz no spoilers.

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