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Working on a website from the footer up. Feels more manageable this way. CSS grid is still amazing. I'm enjoying building things again. 😄

Do people preorder phone apps? Do I sound like a grumpy old man “get off my lawn” when I say that?

Would someone be able to help me out by proofreading this transcription of a set of Japanese credits? High-res scan included with the text.

I really like the @tootapp icon. Are there other apps with cartoons-like icons? I want to looks at cute illustrations.

Me: What's going on over here?
Corey: There's a bunch of trash on the floor.

Hopscotch Music Fest is where I see all the townies I'm vaguely friends with.

Last night was my first time eating pineapple and jalapeno on pizza. (Late to the spice game.) I've been missing out for *years.*

I'm both excited and pre-exhausted about Hopscotch Music Fest this weekend.

Do people still listen to podcasts? Got any recommendations? I have a long commute now (45 minutes).

Watched the finale last night. Afterward, I wanted to watch more. :(

Happy Labor Day! I was planning on riding bikes with my friend, but I woke up sick, so here's a picture of Loki.

Walked into the new Taco Bell Cantina and the cashier says to me, "You come here a lot, don't you?" 🙈

Slack is down. I'm the only person in the office. Is this how the apocalypse starts?

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