July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

oh Toyota engineers. you smart smart people. of course you are using PWM to dim the small instrument/cabin filament bulbs in my 26 year old car. of course my assumption about voltage levels are completely wrong when trying to set light output for the replacement LEDs i got

Cotton candy pouring itself over the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire this afternoon.

i've lost my voice and now i sound like Christian Bale's Batman. Eat that @Nach

unfortunately I won't be making it to this year. if you know someone looking to buy a ticket, please get in touch

Sol 1: Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC)

Taken on: 2018/11/27 20:24:50

I want to ask my doctor about maximum g forces a transplanted organ can take, and whether that's equivalent to native ones.

he'll look at me like I'm bonkers and think I'm about to do something stupid. I mean I'm not, but I'm definitely wondering

uspol, supreme court 

Sometimes it's necessary to wait for the roadway to descend from the darkness.

the night before Electromagnetic Magnetic field begins is always 'practice your dutch' night in the dutch village. they are incorrigible

I have a spare ticket to EMF Camp that I would love to give away, especially to a woman or non-binary person interested in technology, a student, or anyone of various groups under-represented in tech.

so genuinely excited for my first film project and this bad boy fake gem is the centre piece

cannot get enough of these long form audio essays on games, their politics and place in the world then and now.

the author has a particular american journalistic style which knits wit and style with a wide ranging knowledge beyond just games


A Tribe Called Red are one of the most incredible artists ive come across in recent years


21:58 on Wednesday February 28th, over the South Pacific Ocean

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