My psychiatrist thinks I’m “stable” 👀

do TERFs know that you can have better hobbies than being a fucking asshole

TERFs are truly one of the most hateful groups of people on the planet and their existence horrifies me and makes me so sad

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On this trans day of visibility, plz consider donating / sharing this fundraiser for trans asylum seekers who need bond money for release

These trans folks are in cages and being held for ransom. Until we abolish this horrible fucking system, we need our trans compas released. Now!

This comes directly from a colleague who works with Santa Fe Dreamers Project. Please support if you're able to, any amount helps! This $$ will literally help get folks released

❤️ ✊ #tdov

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Here's a fun fact for you today: Trans people have always existed.

My personal speciality is documenting the lives of trans people in Medieval Europe. If you'd like to find out more about this topic, feel free to read my threads:

About a trans woman who lived in London in the 14th century

And about a 13th century French poem which discusses a transmac person's gender-questioning

Literally 90% of my friends are named Jessica, Elizabeth, or Casey, or variants of those names.

@amycii update: I still like him and we’re making homemade pizza bagels this weekend

Bear gets really distressed whenever I work out, which, same.

I regret to announce that I like a man.

RIP to my African violet, Bear murdered it last night at 4:00am and woke me up by batting the flower pot around my apartment, lol

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I am thirty-three years old and I stopped listening to new music when I was 23 and I don't care

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