I'm having a bit of a rough day, please tell me something good happening in your life to cheer me up. :)

@amycii Um. Meeting new people, playing D&D with them and having fun. That's good stuff I guess?

@amycii my cat is coming to live with me again for the first time in years in two weeks! her name is portia and she's an angel and i can't wait to show all of you a million pictures of her

@pbandkate omg i can't wait to see her! that's wonderful :)

@amycii My one coat of primer and one coat of paint worked pretty well in my bathroom.

@amycii I'm understanding this IT nonsense. Also hope things get better for you.💖

@amycii just hit another PR at the gym I am stronger every single day I am bigger every single day. Thank you for asking.

@amycii every day i realise again how great cats are. i hope everything gets better for you friend

@rosewaters cats are absolutely wonderful :) and thank you!

@amycii cat was super friendly today and came over for cuddles 😸

@amycii I just ordered a pizza. That's like, instant happiness, whenever I want!

@amycii I got a new pair of eyeglasses and I'm very pleased with how they look! And how they help me look, which I guess is more important 😊

@amycii :3 mine is the 11th. awkward day for a party but you are still invited in spirit

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