pls boost to make me feel better about how much Bear hates me for trying to get him to take a selfie together 😭

@amycii update: Bear slept snuggled up next to my head last night and yelled at me when I left for work, so all is forgiven. Also, he normally loves to be picked up and hugged like that, he just hates taking pictures!

@amycii it was worth it you look like a powerful athletic witch and your doofy familiar.

@amycii i have one like almost just like it down to the hate and everything

@amycii think about it this way, to a cat you're basically reenacting the empire state building scene from king kong.

Yn't? I had a stuffed cat named Baer (sic) when I was 14. I got him when I was younger, but that was when he got the name because I had a girlfriend with a cat by that name

@amycii It's a horrible thing to do, I won't promote your obvious attempt at taking an otherie of your cat.

@amycii they say at the top of the tower of Babel they spoke an incoherent tongue due to the closeness of God and heaven. Perhaps your cat is just too high

@amycii you’re luck he didn’t scratch you.

@amycii I'm convinced FergusCat knows when I'm about to take a picture. He goes instantly from picture-perfect to blurry, out of focus and face-hidden.


the last time I tried to take a selfie with my cat she made a concerned face looking off in another direction that would make her fit in on the whole lineup of communists image (like w/ Marx Engels Lenin etc)

@amycii :neko_roling_eyes: 😁 Another Russian Blue ! It's Invasion of the Feline Body Snatchers. (I've had a few myself.)

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