moving to @Amycii, please go be pals with me and Bear there 🐻

@pbandkate @amycii You probably shouldn't considering BOFA has been running harassment campaigns for over a month against TRANS and LGBT individuals, so...they're not the leftist haven they claim.

@pbandkate And another garbage person takes themselves out. The idiots defending the BOFA harassment empire are a bizarre bunch.

@mlubert bofa has a huge trans population. Popping into random peoples mentions makes you seem like an ass. I would suggest that you, who are falling all over yourself believing someone about whom rape accusations have existed for literal years prior to the existence of mastodon and bofa, are the real dupe here.

@elchapo When BOFA admins produce a single once of proof that they are being harassed when DOZENS of receipts exist proving they are harassing people, maybe then I'll pay attention? I responded to someone who I followed and who I thought was a good person, that maybe they should join an instance synonymous with harassment, and the exact reasons why.

"Popping into mentions" isn't what happened, and that you can't seem to see the obvious trail of harassment is troubling. BOFA users should leave.

@mlubert @elchapo return to your instance troll. More like circlelinegoaway.

@bigegg @elchapo Nah, you are. BOFA is run by scum, and it's causing innocent members to be blocked. They should leave, as there's no way to force the admins off.

Defending it is not a good look, and acting like your response wasn't trolling is sad. Reported and blocked. That's two troll attacks from KZNK today.

@amycii be careful the "bofa gang" is a bad sub apparently :P

@amycii Whelp, you were warned it's a platform of harassers and you joined anyway. Sad to see another person turn out to be garbage.

@amycii @Amycii I'd follow Bear to the ends of the Earth

...oh and you too, I guess..

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