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rly happy that Scott Walker lost, guys

My friend sent me Garfield pajamas in the mail, I love them so much

@amycii his cat is so cute, he has a six month old kitten named Anya

Update: the 24 year old turned 25 yesterday

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A reminder:

If you're trans and need to get your identity documents (court order, driver license, passport, Subway Club card, etc) updated, but the cost is keeping you from doing so, please DM me and let me know how much you need.

All I ask is that you have a solid plan for what you need to do in your jurisdiction, and be ready to Do It. If not, get your paperwork together, *then* DM me :)

@zoeferal he wanted my thoughts on it but he had some disagreements with the article! He’s a good egg, albeit a young one

The 24-year-old texted me an article today w/ a Marxist critique of intersectionality, he’s bringing out the big guns here

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