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@amycii important picture of my cat doing a similar thing

I just bought decorations to transform my boring office into an autumn wonderland, lmao

have you ever seen a cat that looked more like a bear than Bear does?

pls boost Bear looking like a seal for awareness

do you ever just stop beating yourself up and remember how resilient you are, bc you should if you can, i highly recommend it

boost if u think I should include Bear in the card game

Bear always skulks around my apartment like he's sooo intimidating, I love him so much and also his name is perfect for him bc he looks like a lil bear

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Not sorry but shaved cloud rabbits will never stop being fucking hilarious. Look at these goofs

After this workday, I’m contemplating quitting my job and starting a pet horoscope business. How is your Thursday going?

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@amycii Evelyn honestly leaves her tongue hanging out every day, her mouth is too small and I worry about what will happen when she gets old and her teeth fall out

FYI, just to correct the record, my cat doesn’t really stick his tongue out that much, it’s just that I take a ton of pictures of him whenever he does it bc I love it

boost to spread the word about Bear sticking his little tongue out at his pizza

I'm having a bit of a rough day, please tell me something good happening in your life to cheer me up. :)

boost to let Bear sleep, fave to wake him up

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