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Literally 90% of my friends are named Jessica, Elizabeth, or Casey, or variants of those names.

@amycii update: I still like him and we’re making homemade pizza bagels this weekend

Bear gets really distressed whenever I work out, which, same.

I regret to announce that I like a man.

RIP to my African violet, Bear murdered it last night at 4:00am and woke me up by batting the flower pot around my apartment, lol

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I am thirty-three years old and I stopped listening to new music when I was 23 and I don't care

@amycii and then I made him promise not to watch any more of it without me

I made the guy I’m dating hate-watch 5 episodes of The Newsroom with me, and honestly it was such an alpha move on my part

Just found out my ex who was definitely struggling with severe mental health issues got fired from his job. He said some really frightening things to me so I’m going to stay clear, I just hope he gets some real help. :(

I forced myself to go out with friends and it’s usually a good thing to do! Putting this here so I will remember it the next time I feel like flaking (probably tomorrow).

I need to do stuff but I want to do nothing instead.

Also I’m konmariing my clothes so they’re all strewn out over the floor. Truly my apartment is the ideal cat hangout rn

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