Is there a tricked-out version of Ghost that lets you have a blog with all the indieweb stuff without having to do days of setup? I would pay good money for that.

@anildash wow how have i never ever come across IndieWeb before especially with all the research i’ve been doing lately ?!?

@d @anildash i dunno yet! their wiki is confusingly mostly articles that don’t address anything as a whole so i’m trying to figure it out

@amyhoy @d @anildash working on the UX of "wiki first timers" is a major goal in 2018-2019.

Love to capture your thoughts of what you were looking for and how it could not be found.


@jgmac1106 1. what is it? the wiki doesn't say. 2. what are the parts? the wiki doesn't say. 3. what are the specs? same…

i hit the site and it's all theory and principles, like "You are better connected", which tells me nothing about how anything works (if at all). it just looks like a wish, from the perspective of a first-time person.

@jgmac1106 the idea of having to read/watch/listen to 5 things to even figure out what it is is exhausting…

from the convo i jumped in on, i thought there was a spec. the only way i found out about any of the spec was digging into the toot thread and then googling WebMentions.

@jgmac1106 this is something I'm supremely interested in [1] and i'm both a designer and developer and yet even the Wikipedia page has nothing to grab onto


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