tired of being uncomfortable the whole time i play video games or watch TV, we’re replacing our low backed sofa with a pair of recliners. at least i found some kinda cool vintage ones mastodon.social/media/6WjypDFA mastodon.social/media/aAHmo0ix

working on a new cheat sheet to cover/counter every roadblock to shipping a product/project… this is not the final form, i know it's too hard to read. this is visual thinking.

i crocheted a scarf. so nice to have something to do with my hands that isn’t a phone mastodon.social/media/NTO6i_Kg

on thursday, talked to my neurologist about cutting down on diamox. it controls the high cerebrospinal fluid pressure on my brain exacerbated by my IVIG treatments. but it also has side effects

i’ve been able to cut down since i went keto (cuz gluten/celiac imo!)

fri/sat, i slept up slightly. now i have LOW CSF pressure. can’t move or even sit up without jackhammering my frontal lobe soooo mastodon.social/media/ffjmzY0Q mastodon.social/media/1pZeORfC

so excited that tomorrow we get a new sofa - a firm, SUPPORTIVE, **RECLINING** sofa 😍 to replace this saggy, squishy, spine-destroying dewlapped semicircle that came with our cabin 3 years ago 😨

and i won’t have to drape blankets over the new one cuz it’s NOT LEATHER. ahhhhh! mastodon.social/media/RJQ66vDz

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tfw i try to write “just a short little essay this time”

poor haskell’s surgery went great, he’s in this cute binder and high af on kitty morphine. too high to eat, but not too high to wiggle ineffectually when he hears something that sounds like food. poor lil buddy mastodon.social/media/JsnjmI4o

do you have ANY idea how hard i worked to get a photo with thomas where he looks like my fellow human being and not a tweaking alien in a meat suit. mastodon.social/media/VFjLM2ru

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