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took only half a diamox (instead of 1.5 or 2) last night cuz i was pretty sure my symptoms were *low* pressure, cuz i was fine before riding in the car.

don’t have a high pressure headache today… so far, so good.

if i can cut down my dose to 1 a day or less, that would be amaaazing

had a pretty good day and feeling grateful. i have a shit ton of problems and my life is often hard, but nothing like the news i got today from a friend who has it much, much worse.

workin on some design stuff. feels good, man

feeling pretty good today! gonna get some WORK done. (you know you've been sick as shit when work is a treat.)

and the thing that’s even more horrible with bodies is there is no modeling or breakpoints, just “try this and see what happens”

ugh i’m so tired

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the spooling out of unintended consequences in a complex, tightly coupled, poorly documented legacy system is the worst thing about programming and also bodies

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on thursday, talked to my neurologist about cutting down on diamox. it controls the high cerebrospinal fluid pressure on my brain exacerbated by my IVIG treatments. but it also has side effects

i’ve been able to cut down since i went keto (cuz gluten/celiac imo!)

fri/sat, i slept up slightly. now i have LOW CSF pressure. can’t move or even sit up without jackhammering my frontal lobe soooo

second day of fall and i’m already dreading winter. woohoo!

so excited that tomorrow we get a new sofa - a firm, SUPPORTIVE, **RECLINING** sofa 😍 to replace this saggy, squishy, spine-destroying dewlapped semicircle that came with our cabin 3 years ago 😨

and i won’t have to drape blankets over the new one cuz it’s NOT LEATHER. ahhhhh!

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tfw the drug that makes it possible to tolerate the side effects of a crucial treatment is itself causing side effects that can’t be tolerated

tfw i try to write “just a short little essay this time”

actually surprised at how many basic errors they made in plotting Poltergeist, everybody talks about it like it’s a classic but it’s really just pulp: characters and scenes that go nowhere, spoiling the “secret” early but then acting like it didn’t happen, every female character is bad or badly done. shame.

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i wanna watch the sequel where they sue the psychic

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thomas: “so it’s actually a business documentary about real estate development”

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feeling pretty good about our decision to remove our pool

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