Season 12 (well, half a season) preview. These movies do show some, uh... promise. And they're not afraid to re-cook at least one turkey already done by .

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@amylsacks Looks like a preponderance of really bad action movie rip-offs n'shit in the first 6 episodes. That's the Thanksgiving binge this year?


@flugennock I think *Mac & Me* is an E.T. ripoff. And *Killer Fish* looks like 70s horror a la' *Piranha.*

@amylsacks I thought I'd recognized a couple of the titles as they blasted by. We have a paid netflix account at our house, but doesn't it require Microsoft Silverlight to view the video? Cripes, Flash is bad enough. I ended up using some 3rd party streaming sites and got downloads. RiffTrax has Season 11 now.

@amylsacks ...or, perhaps, Devil Fish (with Satanic dressing and Deep Lucifer potatoes).

@flugennock The airhead electrician's intern from that one is also in this Ator movie... I don't think she fares any better, either.

@amylsacks Oh, god, her? "I'm listening to Shonin Knife!"

I'll bet she won't be as bad as the feathered-hair chick who played Boring Old Science Geezer's daughter in "CavΓ© Dwellers".

P'wah ha ha hah, electrician.

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