As I continue the long, slow slog, of clearing out ephemera from my flickr account, please allow me to share with you the most terrifying product mascot in the entire history of the world:

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@amylsacks the "ho ho ho" Green Giant (also a thing in UK as well as USA) was positively friendly in comparison (he's still around both sides of the pond it appears..)


@amylsacks Look at his facial expression.
I will bet 5€ he's "hidden" his dick in the cart.



This is Fedi, though. So I refuse to commit to any bicameral gender analysis lest I lost my giant following of 20-25 people.

🌿 My story is that plants can have whatever gender they want so there. But it's still no excuse for that outfit. πŸ™€

@amylsacks I think Mr. Peanut still wins. At least that's a corn with a carrot head harvesting peas. Mr. Peanut is an extravagantly wealthy peanut encouraging you to eat less fortunate peanuts.

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