Everyone is dunking on the Goldman Sachs curing-you-cuts-into-my-profits take, which is good.

Worth remembering, though: nearly all of us have been reared to believe some version of the same thing. Every day we make some move, judgment, or decision which says, "If this person or thing makes no money, it's has no inherent worth, in any way."

It takes conscious reminders, maybe even a damn mantra, to counteract this message which is all around us like air and sky.

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@amylsacks Depression gave me lots of time to think about this, and then I concluded, "Oh, captialism, this isn't gonna work". Now that I am less depressed, it still holds for me. I don't think this game is substainable, and it isn't fun, so let's pick a new one.

@maiki Yep. I think of the emotional nosedive I go into whenever I have to trawl for wage work. Couldn't agree with you more.

@amylsacks @maiki

People knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

@gemlog @amylsacks Haha, that totally describes me! I mean, I hope I learn the value of things, and have been steadily for a couple of decades, but I still feel like I know the cost of everything, and the value of very little. My plan for the last year has been to ignore costs unless I can't, and only focus on value. Ends up with me hanging with my family whenever I can. ^_^

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