Trust a witness in all matters in which
neither his self-interest, his passions,
his prejudices, nor the love of the
marvelous is strongly concerned. When
they are involved, require corroborative
evidence in exact proportion to the
contravention of probability by
the thing testified.
—Thomas Henry Huxley (T.H. Huxley, 1825–1895)

quoted by Carl Sagan in "The Demon-Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark"

hello! 👋 i'm žennn, i use gender-free pronouns e.g. they/them or že/žim. 🌈☮️🦄

i work as an anti-kyriarchical media producer & musician in Imnižaska Othúŋwe (Saint Paul) & Bdeóta Othúŋwe (Minneapolis), occupied Daḳota land.

Kyriarchy is a term for the inter-connected systems of oppression & privilege that empower capitalism, patriarchy, and racism.

look to the Rojava revolution (NE Syria) for an example of modern militant feminist struggle against kyriarchy.

Jin – Jiyan – Azadi!

@Chaos_99 @Gargron also, some creators choose to license their work under Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, and do not accept ad placement on their work. this is a model outside of profit-driven consumer capitalism though.

as a creator in this situation, though we do have our own independent website, it does feel as though our group is somewhat "locked in" to these platforms (Twitter, Insta, Fedbook) that contain a 2:1 ratio of established user base:advertisements/paid promotions.

Introduction, sappy at the end 

@SanfordianPhil there is some overlap between the older term "bisexual" and the newer, more modern term of "pansexual" but there is some nuance.

p-sexual also includes attraction to asexual folx.

also, just because somebody is using the older term b-sexual doesn't mean they don't acknowledge the existence of trans folx or of ppl w/ gender identities outside of "cisgender Female / Male." and it also doesn't mean that they don't feel p-sexual types of attraction.

Introduction, sappy at the end 

@SanfordianPhil hi Philly! if i may be so bold as to reply in earnest—

"bisexual" is an attraction to both of the sexes, i.e. finding both men and women sexy, whereas "pansexual" acknowledges attraction to persons outside of the heteronormative gender binary, i.e. attraction to a person without particular regard for their sex / gender identity.

bisexuality has been stigmatized as "fake" historically, w/ "Bi men are actually gay! / Bi women are actually straight!"

@SanfordianPhil aww, that is indeed unfortunate. i'm sorry to hear that some careless human with a poor work ethic ruined beagles forever for you ☹️

also, although i myself used to eat dairy cheese like it was a food group of its own, these days i tend to argue against feeding cheese to dogs/humans/anybody. i didn't come here to make those comments though, i just noticed a cute pupper on my timeline :owi:

@SanfordianPhil thank you for the explanation! perhaps it is to state the obvious that i am a new user to Mastodon ^_^ useful to be able to temporarily blur/hide sensitive content.

also now i'm thinking about Porthos, the captain's beloved pupper from Star Trek: Enterprise, and his famous love of 🧀

@SanfordianPhil wow, Mastodon hid this photo from me as "sensitive content."

look at those eyes!


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