Taco Day just got possibly moved up 10 months to the end of January and I'm flipping the fuck out holy shit

Extremely bad strategies for voice surgery

1. Get the Baby Shark song stuck in your head
2. Not be able to talk in any way for two full weeks
3. At least you've got this extremely realistic zombie look goin'



I got to see my own vocal chords on video in real-time today, that was weird af.

Which tbh is good for me, I need to be pushed out of this nest

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Mostly good ones! But it's a scary proposition and it means that falling back to boymode isn't reallyyyyy an option anymore

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Flying to Portland for an initial consultation for voice surgery. The idea that one day I'm going to wake up with a completely different voice than I've had for the last 20+ years give me a lot of Complicated Feelings

I didn't know that being trans in 2018 apparently meant that I have to buy an analog synth but you know, when in Rome

(low-key extremely excited to do this, super into having a nice looking signature)

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"Sign your name here" - shit how do I Do that, I've never written my new name before (spends the next hour learning to write it)

Excited to now spend 100% of my time shaving, my new career as a trans woman

Boy, this whole "feeling human emotions" thing is a real double-edged sword

Spent most of today's work day strategizing on how to flee the country. It does not Feel Good.

God today is making me feel fucking awful. Fuck every Republican.

It's pretty cool how trans people all get to start second careers as amateur medical researchers in order to get their doctors to treat them properly 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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