Wanted to try something organic, and it should be my entry ("snow" topic), but to be honest... it's a total mess 😅

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Photographs of musical notes based on the shape their vibrations make in a bowl of water.

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spent 5 hours in airport yesterday because of delayed flight. it's the most chaotic airport I've ever been in

btw, finshed basecamp's shape up basecamp.com/shapeup

it's short enough and full of quite obvious, but well-formulated ideas about how to ship value in dev projects, really worth reading

A coworker lent me this camera several months ago, and I'm still struggling with it.

I totally love the camera itself, and good shots are really great, but most of my shots are still bad: out of focus, wrong exposure, tilted horizon, strange framing and so on.

I'm not sure I can master it yet. But it makes me think harder about my shots, and as you have only 12 frames per film, you should chose moment to press the button very carefully. It's like a meditation or mental discipline.

went for a short ride and wow! the weather conditions in are really interesting today

just have wasted half of the day on the

I'm not sorry because sometimes I just need to spend some time doing nothing

the problem is that nowadays I need it more and more often

finally scans from the first have just arrived!

there are several shots I really like

too bad I don't remember what film it was :(

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