Anarchist Federation: **The Technocommercium: Assemblages of the Mechanosphere**

"Everything becomes imperceptible, everything is becoming-imperceptible on the plane of consistency, which is nevertheless precisely where the imperceptible is seen and heard. It is the Planomenon, or the Rhizosphere, the Criterium (and still other names, …"

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Once again I'll point out that a substantial portion of this is directed at trans boys. Again I understand the emphasis on trans femicide. Even so. Much of the legislation at the US state level and the anti-trans campaign elsewhere is aimed at denying trans boys medical care.
That being said: this is essential reading re the nexus of transhate and antisemitism


Here is an important piece published over at Verso Books that talks about how antisemitism and transmisogyny are interrelated in the rise of far-right violence

The Eradication of “Talmudic Abstractions”: Anti-Semitism, Transmisogyny and the National Socialist Project

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I know there was concern on twitter that #trans people wouldn't be able to find each other on Mastodon but according to my local timeline all the trans people are like... here


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