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If you're a non-Indigenous Australian of a certain age—like me—you probably weren't taught Indigenous history or knew the name of the land on which you lived.

educate yourself

tfw you're having a hard day & an anonymous angel has your back via the restroom mirror

if i was john wick, i would have simply gone to therapy instead of killing all those people

Home - Resonance (Heal's Vaporwave Edit) - SoundCloud
Listen to Home - Resonance (Heal's Vaporwave Edit) by Chill Music on

Starting today, I'm implementing a no phone and no computer in my bedroom rule for myself.


I'm white, nonbinary, autistic and neurodivergent, and recently married, currently living on land stolen from the Miami. I'm trying to get out of a marketing career now that I've realized how deeply unethical marketing is, but I still need money to live in this capitalist hellscape so I'm still doing that while trying to find something else.

I've only been a leftist for a little over a year, so I'm not always up on the theory, but I'm trying to learn. I'm trying to move things from theory into actual action, but I'm broke and chronically ill so I feel limited in what I can do. I'm personally interested in gardening, sewing and fibercrafts, and creating community resources. I work best in a support role - I would be overwhelmed and anxious in a protest, but I'd be happy to cook food and bring it to the protesters.

If you have any recommendations for who to follow on here, please let me know! I'm new and trying to fill up my feed.

Night Runner IC, ground floor on the new way of looking g at yourself typing

Y'all have so many good recommendations! So I compiled a list:
Places to get digital music, in order of most to least likely to have my stuff / for me to use

1) Freegal

2) 7-digital

3) Bandcamp 

4) CDBaby

5) Resonate

I'm unlikely to use more than the first three, but it's super nice to have so many options that I didn't know about!! Thanks again to everyone who replied!!

@mike I've had to get up early as I have Koala shaped shortbreads to deliver to my local hall for their cake & biscuit stall.

@uranther They have no regard for an open and simple web. They're changing the semantics of how the back button works now. They've already tried to remove the URL bar and 'www' as a valid subdomain on sites. They also are routinely classifying mail outside of their mail servers as spam, even if you use DKIM.

Everybody talks about Facebook having a social media monopoly. Where is the discussion about Google having an ecosystem monopoly?

Smash mouth was right, The years start coming and they really do not stop coming.

I hadn't tried Matrix before tonight.

Seems really disappointing. 3/4 of it is just hoisting Freenode's content.

Am I missing something or is this a joke?

Seeing a mention of a "twenty-year-old programming language" and realizing that this means a language that didn't exist yet when I was in college

hate it when people post some interesting content but it's behind a link shortener

i never boost that junk

I just purchased the two big Numenera core books. (Discovery and Dynasty).

I already love them. One small thing for example: even though this is a US made game, distances are expressed in feet and in the metric system. It makes it really easy for me to mix and match translated and original sources, and to run the game in French even though I bought the rule books in English.

#DnD on the other hand uses imperial by default and metric in French translation making it harder to mix.


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