Hit. The. Streets.
Reclaim India.
Do NOT let evil crackpots tear us apart.

I was thinking....The deaths in kashmir was nearing zero in 2014 and militancy was at lowest point when modi came to power.

Then they took some decisions to enrage people, increases violence. Finally they end 370, turn kashmir into UT and will now hand it over to corporates.

The north east was calm. Now we have violent protest everywhere. Am I wrong in thinking that bjp will use this as an excuse to end 371 and sell NE to corporates?

What is wrong with liberals today is they lack the backbone to take a stand, but if you are not taking a stand against atrocities you are tacitly supporting them. Hope the liberals will understand that

The idea of India is dead. Long live Idea of India.

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In the ongoing LS session, when talking about onions or automobiles or pollution, BJP MPs made a fool out of themselves every single day. But when it came to passing a law whose sole aim is to create further divisions in the Indian society, they did well. That's their expertise.


1. Prevail upon our parliamentarians to not let it pass in Rajya Sabha

2. Challenge it in the Supreme Court as it violates the spirit of our constitution (secularism as mentioned in preamble constitutes the basic structure - SR Bommai vs Union of India) and is also in contravention of Article 14 and consequently Art. 13

We have a fundamental duty under Art. 51A to abide by the constitution and to uphold the ideals of our freedom struggle

3. Educate, Agitate, Organise

Politicians in Kashmir are in prison like criminals while criminals are walking inside parliament in Delhi. The lines are no longer blurred. There is no line anymore.

Democracy doesn't mean something is right. If you are in a room with 5 people and 4 of them want to kill you, it's democratic but not right.

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"I won't rape you, you're not worth it."

"Would you hire a gay driver to drop your children to school?"

"Refugees arriving in brazil are the scum of the world"

"A policeman who doesnt kill isnt a policeman."

Some of Bolsonaro's statements, India's guest for republic day.

Summary of the judgement on the Babri Masjid Ram janmabhoomi dispute today

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Original name of Mastodon is "Mast Don" which is nick name of Don Dawood Ibrahim. These Sickular Pakis pushing their agenda to demonize Hindutva wadi Twitter. All Hindus must unite and appose Mastodon

Jai Aryavrat🚩

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Hello this is my first post here. Let's see how this platform works out for me...


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