I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

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@ancientjames ... so it's got at least as much computational power as a pregnancy test.

@ancientjames I have never before been so thoroughly and brilliantly put back in my place.

@ancientjames First of all, this is incredible 🤩 Second, today I’m starting work by playing #doom

@ancientjames Cool! What's that monitor, and where the heck did you get one that's so small?


Just look at his toot history and you will find all the information you want.

@ancientjames This must be the smallest monitor ever used to play Doom on, right? Right?

@ancientjames heh, I was going to suggest something like that...

What did you do? Data on serial display on spi/i2c?

Do you double buffer it?

@ancientjames Really like the small display bricks of yours.

Would be even cooler with a wireless enabled one, say a nRF52 or similar (a lot of extra work to create a new PCB and code)

The nRF52805 comes in a tiny WLCSP 2.482 x 2.464 mm package... But I have only tried to use there larger nRF52832 qfn48 6x6mm.
And a meandered inverted-F pcb antenna is going to be too big...

Is that an EVF display from a camera, or where did you get such a small display from?

Also, the internet demands a link to a long blogpost detailing exactly how you did it!

@Mr_Teatime @ancientjames "The Internet" can read the public posts on the profile of @ancientjames ... it seems to be pretty in depth ;)

I might be a bit too old-school to (expect to) read the whole story in toot-sized bits ... but thanks for the hint
I'll think I'll be able to work it out :)

@Mr_Teatime @ancientjames Well .. yeah the toot sized posts are not really optimal (I'm in my mid 40ies too)...

But at least there is some bit of detail in there...... Wasn't meant to be so offensive as it came out in the first place. ;)

no offense taken, could have looked for it myself (but a nice write-up would still be cool!)

@ancientjames woah - looking forward to seeing the inevitable Lego brick monitor video wall... 😆

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