One of the new things at #fossnorth2019 will be the #communityday . You can check it out here: .

We have an amazing line-up of projects and an equally amazing group of companies providing us with space.

#gbgtech #sthlmtech #opensource #freesoftware

Sailing during winter when no one else bother to go out at sea, there are a few sailors which have the opportunity tho have the sea by them self.

And now this weird #Swedish #Christmas tradition where most of the population watch Donald Duck and other animated short movies on national television…

1000 Nautical miles in 6 weeks Show more

I have never been a fan of JavaScript though people do verry cool things with it. Advent of Code is many times a good way to learn or improve your skills in a language. Following list is a search of the most popular languages for solving Advent of Code 2018. I got surprised of the second language from the top in the list.

1,748 Python
698 JavaScript
599 Rust
399 C#
376 Go
370 Java
268 C++
268 Haskell
242 Elixir
241 Ruby


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