I`m late to the party, but I just joined this madness of keyboards.

@anders Skepp ohoj! :D Not a bad start at all! Did you buy all parts new or did you buy it second hand? :)

It was your fault, I started hanging around on mastodon 2 months ago and saw that you posted something about 60% keyboard, that whas the ignition. I ordered a new one from kdbfans, the key caps i found on Discord some one who was just about to sell.

@anders Sorry, not sorry. :D What switches did you go with?

Gateron brown was imposible to choise, but read a random review from some one who recomended them if you where new in the space.

@anders Gateron is nice, especially for the price. :) I will soon have my third keyboard with Gateron switches.

If @hund keeps hanging around here, everybody is going to have a mech board and the instance will have to be renamed to or something. This hobby seems to be very infectios :D For me, the last drop in the bucket was him posting a photo of his 60% black diamond. Beautiful, small, programmable keyboard, who can resist such a thing???

@istvan @anders @hund I feel like I need to start posting photos of all 10 of my keebs. :thinkhappy:

@anders Looking really good. What kind of switches are you using since you could not choose Gateron Brown?

Bookmarking the kbfans site for the tada68. Might something in the future for me..

Sorry I was very unclear. In my case it was really hard to come to conclusion to choose gateron brown, because as new there are so many options and you have no clue about the differences.

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