all i wanna do is make R&B and jazz but trying to comprehend music theory just makes my brain do the emergency alert system screech

if this doesn't make you think then ill do everything in my power to destroy you

fucking screaming and crying inside of a wawa because they won't let me play WTF BOOM over the speakers and loop it for 2 months

if the backlash is severe enough, they should just chop n' screw each episode and air it again, but 50% slowed down with a purple filter over it

cartoon network should air every episode of the cramp twins every single day 24/7 even if there's an international backlash and CN employees are routinely shot at in public by gunmen

pre-old town road: creepyyeha
post-old town road: creepyyeehaw

i can't believe that ed rush & optical released wormhole only 5 yrs after drum n bass even came into existence via jungle in 93

i always wonder what it would've been like to live thru the 90s and see dance music evolve at breakneck light speed in real time

what everybody should do is love and respect Ur Boy Bangz

being able to read and write sucks and we should all strive to be better at being worse at reading and writing

idk what im actually doing im just so beyond fed up with twitter and whatever dumb shit ppl get at each other's throats abt every day & quitting cold turkey only works for like a couple days max lol

im testing twitter/mastodon crossposter for some reason. trying to figure out how to tweet without having to see my timeline ever again

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