An actual Welsh sign I’m interpreting as “watch out for bird shit from on high.”

The myth that artists have to “suffer” in order to create great work comes largely from the perennial human fascination with disaster porn, with a soupçon of militant Puritanism thrown in.

And it pisses me off.

Goodnight friends! This is a different kind of recovery. I can feel waves of jangling pain & nausea, kept at bay thankfully w/pretty mild over the counter drugs, radiating from the back of my skull where the muscles are tender & wrenched. I really rang myself like a bell.

I cracked the door open onto a mostly mild day—save one brief surprising torrent—but mostly left the curtains closed, full light makes my vision throb & blur.

May savour each other w/gratitude today & take care of each other.

Invisible winds
flicker, unsteady
streams, I move
to feel it, following
the path of drifting
flower heads, bending
in the breeze.

An Academic Writes Himself a Note

I am astonished
how incurious
I have become.
I am wildly interested
this lack,
this bland, dead, numbness.
It's not
the result
of any state of
It comes from
being a pauper
in my own
It fills me with awe
how much more
a dung beetle
than I do.
I mean,
he really knows his shit.
As for me,
I just keep
flinging the same crap
on the same wall.

(Brace for hashtag frenzy) A selection of from Winterbourne house,

It was really great getting to see all these prints in situ, in huge swathes, but there were always people milling around when I wanted to take a photo of a room as a whole D8

More slate than seashells on Aberdovey Beach.

I made a cairn a la Andy Goldsworthy.

And sat for a spell.

@andrawatkins haha, a small story in celebration of a rather bigger story!

Word count: Day Two.

Off to the pub to celebrate with a pint!

this Taco Bell cashier I see a lot just gave me a free drink "because you're a good person huh!" I was like "thanks, I try to be?" and she said "you're gonna succeed at what you try! have a wonderful day!!" wow more like Pep Talk-o Bell

My daily Welsh lesson, found while roaming the countryside.

Do you do danger?

So many sites do:

“Here are cookie, advertising, tracking policies. Here is an OK button.”

After not clicking the ok button but attempting to continue:

“You must agree to our tracking policy”

That is explicitly not allowed/illegal under GDPR.

American companies including the Washington Post really have a damn hard time wrapping their head around that an agreement means you can decline to agree to it, and GDRP says refusing to be tracked is not grounds for a site to refuse service.

Hey my name is Valerie and I don't know what I'm doing most of the time! I've been looking for a good place to share my art for a while and this place sounds pretty nice. Sorry that I'm tired all the time! #introductions

So, since I lost the job with Mastodon a lot earlier than I expected, we wont really have any money over the summer (as this one month just covers the lack of student loan for this month(You get a lot less in May)).

If you appreciate the work I've been doing for Mastodon, even though I'm not hired anymore, and want to help us eat over the summer, any pledge on patreon or liberapay are very welcome!

#TipYourFriends #Patreon #liberapay

@andrawatkins I don't think people have to be blood related to do what I mentioned. Aren't good friends considered family by many, even if they have no blood connection?

In fact, family to me means what it does because I have many people in my life who fit that definition and aren't blood related. My extended (genealogical) family is far away and I rarely see them, so I had to develop a wider social network.

Look! New Welsh friends!

I don’t know how many sheep I met on my Precipice Walk, but these two were happy to pose for me.

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