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Andra Watkins

If you're about to respond to someone on Mastodon with advice or information or critique or disagreement, PLEASE read their post again to make sure that they have invited that.

If they haven't asked for input they probably don't want or need it, but if you still think they'll be interested in what you want to say, ASK before replying.

"Hey, are you asking for advice, or just venting?"

That's ALL you need to say.

I'm tagging it #netiquette (what a great word, haha) but it's universal.

Where are my UK-based Mastos? I’m on residency in Wales from 22 May to 3 July. I’m working my way back to Heathrow with stops to visit friends in Oxford and Peterborough the following week. Finish in Berkshire before leaving on 17 July. *very sad face* How can I meet some of you? Can we arrange a meet up?

Dad was released from the hospital yesterday. As much as I’d like to crack a joke about his yo-yo-ing health antics, eventually he will not be okay.

Focus on the gift of time with others. Make memories.

Dad had a minor stroke overnight and is back in the hospital. Prognosis is cautiously positive. Please keep him close to your hearts.

Hold someone a little closer today. Make memories that matter.

Why we cannot side with Amazon because we hate the Cheeto Show more

Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

"In perhaps the creepiest example, Facebook applied for (and received, last year) a patent for a tool called Techniques, for emotion detection and content delivery. It would use the camera in your phone to take pictures of you as you scroll through content. Facebook would then use facial analysis to measure how much you did or did not like the content in question, so as to determine what kind of stuff to send your way."

Current view.

Writing is mostly staring at screens, going round and round with words.

And hearing voices in my head WHO NEVER CEASE!

Meaning this writer is crazy. 😜

I have a whole week at home (well working at home, but at home) with my family. Time precious time with them.

We grow up so fast, but we also grow together too. Always growing in some direction. Sometimes in a tight hug and sometimes at arm's length, sometimes with eyes closed and face turned away - growing, moving, choosing the direction.

I am grateful for the time with the people in my family. I love them.

wanted: work

I am a copywriter, although I could do a lot of different kinds of writing. I bet I could do technical writing, if it came up. I know about marketing but honestly I don't like doing it very much.

I'm also an editor! And a regular writer! And a lot of other things!

If you know someone who needs me, or what I can do, please suggest me. I'm good at what I do and unemployed!


@andrawatkins in Wales I think Gladstone's Library is worth a visit. (Of course you might be doing the residency there for all I know...)

@andrawatkins woo hoo WALES!!!! :) I cannot wait either!

Starting my second straight week at home.
Revisions abound.
Eye checkup this Wednesday, tho the thing is firmly in remission.
Dad still better than before surgery.
Want to ghost my mother forever. Her latest quip: “I’m so glad this new drug hasn’t made you gain more weight......look! I just tried on your prom dress from high school, and it fits me!”
Next appearances: Jacksonville, Miami, LA, Detroit, Kansas City.
THEN TO WALES for residency. I cannot wait!

A collection of things I made for people new to #Mastodon, based on questions I commonly see in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

What the heck with these privacy settings?

Local vs. federated timelines?

A two-way Mastodon-Twitter crossposter? @crossposter

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

#FAQ #FAQs #mastopedia #tootorial #meta

Apparently YouTube tracks us like mad. They gague interest by length of watch and do loads of geo location... (insert sad face)

DuckDuckGo allows you to watch through them and it proxies it. (I don’t really understand but I’m learning) gives you choices to watch via them, with far less tracking

Drench me in reverb;
Let me lose my voice
in the echo of
a thousand rooms,
the places
where Borges still roams:
stories within
stories within
Make me melt
into walls,
into cobwebbed corners,
into the faint soft sounds
that force your head to turn
and wonder.
Drench me in reverb,
for I am little more
than muffled thoughts
blindly seeking clarity.

@andrawatkins Agreed. Raw onion is Satan's breath, but crank up a sauté and I just can't get enough.