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There were signs of a past civilisation, so the spaceship entered orbit.
"Nobody lives here," a radioed voice said.
"They outgrew us and left," said another.
"We know all about them," a third added.
"Ask us," the three said in unison.
"Who are you?"

Stranger Things is just Stephen King's IT (1990) for Millennials

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Tomorrow the family is moving to the new apartment.

Do you have any tradition / ceremony / ritual to recommend?

We'd love much happiness and serenity in the coming years.

Languager Transfer is being accused of patent infringment by some lawyers in the U.S.

This video explains the situation:

Spread the word to support free and high quality learning material.

#LT #languagetransfer #language #learning #free #patent

I had a nightmare and it doesn't fit in 500 chars.

I'll split it in a few sub toots


With #GitHub being acquired by #Microsoft, I don't see any logical reason for 1) immediately jumping ship, deleting repositories and accounts - GitHub was a proprietary walled garden since the beginning 2) bashing #GitLab for not being entirely open source or federated

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