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Andrea Della Corte @andreadellacorte

What's the toot length limit?

@andreadellacorte When I compose a toot there's a small "500" in the bottom right of the panel that gets smaller as a type. So for me, with my interface, I'm guessing 500

On my interface (mastalab, android) it starts at 0 and grows and grows without limit

@andreadellacorte I figured it would be different on different interfaces, that's why I was as complete as I was.

But I've heard 500 mentioned elsewhere, and that matches what I see, but having said that, other people seem to have tooted longer toots than that, so I'm not entirely sure.

@andreadellacorte 500 characters, if I'm not mistaken.

I had a nightmare and it doesn't fit in 500 chars.

I'll split it in a few sub toots