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Andrea Della Corte @andreadellacorte

Recommendations for who should I follow? I like tech, social causes, freedom, computer games

@andreadellacorte just look at the local and federated timelines.

Also check out

Personall I enjoy the small community surrounding
@ ajroach42@
(added spaces because otherwise this would mention him unnecessarily)

@upshotknothole thanks! I've followed ajroach42 - How can I filter only toots from the Wasn't able to do it

@andreadellacorte personally I just watched the stream of current posts on

Those things that seemed interesting from people active in the same time slot like me turned into follows.

In social theory there are always connectors who know a lot of people. Those community builders are also interesting to check out.

Personally I build much of my feed from people who followed
@ fullywoolly
@ loki@

@andreadellacorte you will need to filter excessively in order to build the community/bubble you like.

Personally I try to completely avoid things from switter.
Not because it's unimportant but just because I'm personally not that interested in sex work legalese.
Prostitution is legal in my country and bla bla.

I also try to avoid the LGBT community, furry community and shitposter community on the mastodon

@andreadellacorte not because I have anything against them but simply because my interest in these topics is not that high.

Too many people here build their personality on their sexuality.
They toot things like "just woke up and still gay".
Things that are completely irrelevant to me.

It's okay to be gay. But I don't care about your sexuality in any way.

You're currently on (m.s for short) which is already heavily regulated by the admins

@andreadellacorte what networks you block or attach yourself with massively shape how the fediverse looks to you.

personally I try to stay in the nerdy / arty communities of mastodon.
I love art. Especially art that doesn't try to be too contemprary

@upshotknothole from what I can see my fediverse is not filtered out, so far what I did was block languages I couldn't read

@andreadellacorte you're only on

You can only see what has already seen (which isn't a lot!).
That's the trick about federation: When a new nodes comes online nobody yet knows about it. Mastodon instances only connect with each other when the users on it have a interest in it. If you remote follow someone then your server and their server will stay in contact. is very regulated. It's good for people becoming comfortable with the system

@andreadellacorte my personal goal is to migrate to a private instance one day. There I can make my rules who can see my content and who can't.

Sure, mastodon has already a lot of control build in. Yet I want hardware independence. I love selfhosting.

@upshotknothole getting an instance up with a docker image seemed quite easy; couldn't find a reason to do it for myself since I am on Mastodon to share with others. I'd do that if I wanted to get a big community going and wanted to keep it closed.

@andreadellacorte your sharing capability isn't hindered by this.

Every instance is able to connect with every other instance. It's like E-Mail.
You can E-Mail from every address to every other address no matter if it's or

@andreadellacorte maybe this resource helps

otheriwse there are also other resources that explain how decentalization benefits everyone

@upshotknothole +1000 on the benefits of decentralisation

would love to hear something from Stallman on Mastodon

@andreadellacorte you can follow him here:

according to it's personal website it's his account.
Yet the account appears to be inactive

@upshotknothole I have an account on too (first account I created) but decided to make my main because seemed more populated...

There are so many interesting instances (, gamedev, boardgames, etc).

Need to find a way to read them one at the time... kind of simulating the "local timeline"

@andreadellacorte population of an instance sure is a factor in chosing one. But the rule of thumb i've seen is that smaller=better.
Simply because having more small nodes instead of few big is good for decentralization and makes server maintenance for everyone easier.

For example on there is one mega-channel which makes every instance that follows slow.

I don't know how well you know about decentralization. The ActivityPub protocol is build in a way that instance size doesn't matter.

@upshotknothole haven't read the protocol, just a bare noob user at the moment

@andreadellacorte it's not important to understand the exact protocol.

It's more important to realize, that every node is accessible from every other node. It doesnt matter if your instance has 1, 10 or 1000 users

@upshotknothole I'll keep looking for interesting things... I'm also looking to create quality content myself :) that might make it easier to find other people to follow

@andreadellacorte idk about quality content. My personal goal is to just write whatever I want, not being directed by what gets upvoted and what not.

I think it's bad to pursue the popular. People need more mental independence.
But of course, who am I to judge.

@andreadellacorte try writing an and make hashtags # out of your interests, and then you can click through to see who else posted under that! :)