Andrea Della Corte

I hear a lot of talk about the effects of phones / TVs on children's / teenagers' brains... But what I really worry about is the effect on older folks, boomers like my parents, which should be contributing to our democracy, meeting "the others", participating to the dialogue, and instead are consuming social media and news... They were never given the talk on the dangers of media addiction... what's this doing to our social fabric...?

@andreadellacorte the children don't listen anyway.
Or at least I for my part never listened.

"Don't use your real name in the internet"
"Sure, mom"
* uses real name in the internet *

and now, a few years later, I'm actively engaging in identity management, meet regularely with my tinfoilhat-group discussing privacy and trying to elevate the public discussion about digital rights & freedom.
Things that my parents could have never taught me (for some parts it it didn't exist yet)


@upshotknothole babies grow up, they are moldable, the society, their job, takes their hand and teaches them how "function", that's how we learned, growing up during the early days of the internet era (making an assumption on your age...)... my parents went from a t9 phone with physical keyboard straight to touch with facebook, youtube etc

Also babies don't vote!


@andreadellacorte nah, I'm 19.

My father was who lived thru the first iterations of the internet.
I'm not sure if he cares about online pivacy tho.


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