Ah yes, military-grade encryption. Or a MEL script. One of the two.

I can ace an exam on three hours of sleep but being social is difficult.

Page: "You can submit before finishing your degree."
Submission form: Questions with fixed choices of answers that don't account for not having finished yet.

Imposter syndrome except being found out would be a relief.

Seriously, Kliché released a 10-minute track in 1980 where they just repeat "the people and only the people / are the driving force / in the creation of world history."

Can't believe I beat the nightmares before getting the good sword. Very unlike me!

I like outlook online because half the time I try to access my email it just logs me out and asks me to close the browser window

"I did a play once."
"I was waiting... For somebody. The whole play, all we did was wait."
"Did he ever show up?"
"No, ma'am."
"Ugh, men."

This document overflows if you just look at it funny.

I just realised these slides had an embarrassing and confusing mistake. Oh well.

I liked the anti-identitarian stickers. But you could quite clearly hear the nearby highway (100m). And my dislike of roads and cars in general makes me worry about living in a big city again. Hmm.

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