It's not good when people say good things about me. My ego can't handle it.

What stupid shit should I do now that I have the myopia of a slightly drunk individual? Besides staying up too late which is already happening.

Very decent season. Especially considering its predecessor.

I am so fucking proud of myself. I can truly do anything I set my mind to. (Except tweet less)

I'm going to preface all my tweets with "I don't know who needs to hear this, but" from now on.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but I'm going to drink the rest of my gin tonight. It's not going to drink itself!

"Hmm, I really want to cross for red but I'll restrain myself in front of those three little kids."

Grandparent proceeds to cross for red with said kids.

Also the robber took out and cleaned the vegetable drawer in my fridge for some reason. Very kind of them.

I've started to pack some stuff and now when I look around it feels like I've been robbed.

I really like these videos of building stuff in a day. So fun to watch.

I just need to do the meeting this afternoon and one more assignment (which I'm dreading but have three weeks for) and then this semester is over.

This has put me in an excellent mood!

The travel report you have to fill out after going abroad includes this field 😅

I have three email accounts that I use on a regular basis down here and I am struggling to log in to the right one in the first try.

Ofc I can't be sure how I've done until they grade it but it seemed a lot more straightforward than what I'd feared

Except for the very confusing error where they'd specified integrity subtyping to be contravariant in two ways that cancelled each other out. Had to point that out

I think it went really well. Half of it was just giving typing derivations which I have some experience with by now 😉 Primary concern was getting at least 50% so I wouldn't have to redo it and that should definitely be the case.

Supposed to be 35 degrees today 🥵

Can you make, can you make it through?
Can you make, can you make it through?
Can you make it through?
Can you make, can you make it through? 🎶

Only 2.5 hours apparently! And I slept. Looking good.

* tack
I gotta correct these errors once in a while to give the illusion that they're just typos and not my broken English rearing its head.

My Tourette's actually make worry about a career that requires a lot of reading. I love reading, except the kind of tics I have often makes it a struggle to do very much of it.

[[reflecting on the tweet afterwards is also common. So is noting that reflection.]]

[this is a common tweet format for me: type out something, realise there might be a reason for it being like that, tag the reason on at the end 😂]

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