Dear community. The deadline for submitting your proposal at the next in Dubai is approaching (28Feb2021)!
Submit your Abstracts to be part of the IAC 2021 Technical Programme!
If you have a / topic feel invited to our symposium. Go to now!

Hey , we just received your cubesat with our groundstation w/ an here in . Next step for me: Uploading *wav to for you here … and me trying to decode it with your decoder.

Shooting this 2020 video directly after tough+successful months of CDR & our (@blagica_13❤️) wedding was fun. And now it's even public on . Spoiler: It's about : Can't wait for 2021 !

Now directly scans all blocks with dongles.
Hey internet and @LimeMicro @LimeSDR_org, how do I use the with ? Any hint for me, because I did not find something yet. A link to an example/tutorial would be nice 😀

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gift: How to calibrate your aka what’s my frequency?
Using for frequency correcting my experiment.
0.15ppm ( backed),
other RTLSDRs >37ppm.

Thank you madame , Maire de
, for the nice invite to in your lovely city! My & me will be there for sure for the biggest congress and for your city and people! We & the team are looking forward to it.
Á bientôt!

2020 is go! First pull-request is submited, three more to go!
Merged a branch in our OrbitDeterminator repo on that I worked on since May. Next PR will be the new orbit determination code for our paper.

I didn‘t know that exists. But now I know & I want to say thank you to all people working at You do a great job & I enjoyed my time there. Can‘t wait to take my w/ me next time to this paradise on Earth.

I arrived exactly with sunset at my home village of . I like late sunsets in Summer. So that reminded me to check for for the sunset times at other places I had lived (Bremen, Stuttgart, Jena).
So earth‘s rotation and the tilted axis gives Settrup the lead here wrt long bright days! :D
But fear not, other locations, in Winter we have late sunrises and early sunsets. So we also like it dark. :)
How is your sunset in your timezone and location? 😃

So currently I do not know what my is crunching, but it also does not matter. The good cause feels good. So, 180000 point since I started for the fight against in March 2020 :). Feels really good.

Can a camera be used to optically track ? I have one, I just went outside & checked. You can read more here : It worked. Still not perfect, so I would love to ! When improved, I'll put it to

The little computer that could... help fight ! The ground station is still folding for and doing its part during the crisis. Thanks to have such a great biomedical research project!

Okay, when I can't travel due to , at least I can visit my favourite city in books! This time "Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students" @ElsevierConnect. I just want to locate in the nightsky. So fitting for the tech center in the world!

Thx @SpringerNature for your free access initiative during ! I updated my "Astronautics: The Physics of Space Flight" book by Ulrich Walter @TU_Muenchen from @WileyVCH version, I found in the @elibbremen lib when I was @HSBremen, to the new one

satellites passing over with one flaring really brightly. Still trying to find good setting for my @Gopro (Nightmode, ISO200, 15secs, linear). Preparing some workflow with for @ARDNnews with it... (2020-04-19T20:28:25UTC)

Wow! The train photographed from the @Space_Station. Now I call that a room with a view, . The satellites are nicely pearling up. I did not expect it to see them so clearly from the . But here they are!

. So, what algo for detecting satellites in ? I took my new @Gopro out for a test shot during the   Saturday. Caught some sats, and also parts of the bright spring full moon. I'm trying to find a robust algorithm to find faint streaks.

My Mom is awesome. She is learning how „to use the Internet“. And because of , she sends us virtual (potato pancakes, latkes) via chat for our traditional meal. Even though we are in , & , still feels like home! ☺️

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