Next year, my older son starts highschool. They use MS Office 365, which I consider a tragic waste. I feel very strongly that my boy shouldn't have to install any Microsoft (or any other proprietary) products in order to study at a public school. It's ethically indefensible, esp on his Linux-powered laptop. He can use excellent, functionally equivalent #FOSS & if the tech staff don't 'get it' & insist on MSO, then they'll have a major problem on their hands. Summary:

@lightweight my son during covid shutdow. School used ms teams. Had to install ms intune om the Android tablet.

Oh btw. School has a Minecraft education edition license for all pupils. Turns out Minecraft education edition only works on ios, not Android.
(And chromoos, so there might be a Linux port?)

@andreasio wow, that's frustrating. We run a Java-based Minecraft server at home on our Linux server. Our boys garnered a bit of respect from their friends for being able to provide a place for their friends to play together... Our boys take a pretty dim view of the "bedrock" Minecraft client... they all prefer the Java version.

What spec is needed for a server? Im a bit dismayed that even a 8gig 2011 mb pro can't run the game smoothly. (The computer he uses currently... Old. Yes. But... Still)

Another woe: MS owns mojang/Microsoft. Kid has a child's account. As per MS support, I can't enable e.g. realms and servers in his Android tablet, because that requires the Microsoft family app... Which is but available for Android tablets.. it's unbelievable.

@andreasio afraid I can't make much sense of it... but my recommendation regardless: divorce yourself (and kids) from Microsoft :) (I wrote this recently which is relevant - is it valid in DK also? )

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