Is it just me or the people that disable in are just a little bit paranoid. Also they don't seem to understand what data is collected as part of telemetry.

r/privacy - What is wrong with browser telemetry?

@andreipetcu No, we’re not paranoid, we just don’t trust a billion-dollar corporation that gets all its money from surveillance capitalism (most of it from Google) just like we wouldn’t trust Greenpeace if it got billions from Exxon Mobil or Healthzilla if it got billions from Philip Morris.

So it’s not that people who don’t trust Mozilla Corporation are paranoid, it’s that Mozilla Corporation is an institutionally-corrupt billion-dollar cog in the #SurveillanceCapitalism machine.


@aral @andreipetcu Mozilla gets money from search engines. The most popular is Google. If the most popular would become DuckDuckGo or Qwant then Firefox would switch it's default. Mozilla does not fight surveilance capitallism on the search engine side but ignoring all the work it does in this regard is simply not fair. Just check No other browser vendor comes close to the work Mozilla is doing.

@aral @andreipetcu @andreipetcu Disabling telemetry is fine. It just seems like most people who disable it are clueless about what it does. You probably understand how it works but most users do not. Some think Mozilla tracks them just like Google or Facebook despite how much Mozilla criticises them these companies.

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