My first talk in a while, with my dear friends Caron Dimonio from Bologna, Italy, who have just released a pathbreaking new album and two splendidly eerie videos. You have to watch this, it is perhaps the funniest talk we've had on the show so far 😂🤣

When we recorded the song and the video to 'Moonbathing' in just a few days, we never thought that this track will become once our biggest hit and our trademark. :batman:


Deus Faust is diving into the Netherworld, influenced by the Barock themes of VANITAS and CARPE DIEM, as well as by Greek mythology and Edgar Allan Poe.
The video was filmed in Slovakia and Maine.

Check out our new track 'Checkmate'! It is a collaboration between me and Bruce Courtney of The Stave Church. It was great fun working together on this rather EBM-ish song 🙂